Payment Terms

As a member of Duplex100, we provide you with several opportunities that can benefit you financially through expertly identified economic gaps in The Global Financial Market. We provide members with a platform to make extra money from Binary Options, without bearing the risk of blowing their trading account(s) and losing all funds invested within a matter of seconds. 

In terms of the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Control Regulations we are required to
establish the source from which our Investors income originates, as well as the source from which
the funds allocated to facilitate transaction originates from.


Please assist us with this requirement by completing the fields in the Registration form and by confirming declaration. We are committed to the protection of personal information and all information provided to us will be treated as confidential, subject to your written permission to disclose such information or where such disclosure is required by law.


Below we have provided answers to common questions. For more information, you are welcome to give us a call.

How do I join Duplex100?

Register on our website :


You will receive a confirmation email with Duplex100 banking details and a unique reference number for you to use everytime you make a deposit. Registration is once-off and your unique reference number does not change 


Please note : We do not use a dashboard for our services and therefore you will not be required to login anywhere. Duplex100 uses a telephonic banking system. If you would like to know about the progress of your investment, kindly call our toll-free number and provide us with your unique reference number.

Is there any risk of me losing my money?

Duplex100 has a 97.8% Success rate. We are confident and positive about our skills & capabilities. We cannot ignore the risk factor involved in Binary Trading. Binary Trading can either result in a win or lose, meaning the risk-reward ratio is 50/50. 

To answer your question, you are only at the risk of losing 3% of your financial input, in the case of a loss. This is very unlikely to happen as our payment terms are NOT dependent on the market but on the productivity of our team as a whole. We do not use your funds for single trades.


Due to our high tech skills, knowledge & experience, we have formulated and constructed trading strategies that minimize risk by using our trade secrets which include careful consideration of The Time Value of Money. This explains why we have created our own payment terms for the clients we trade for. This minimization allows us to guarantee clients 97% MONEY BACK in the case of a loss.

How long does one wait to take profit?

Turnaround/Waiting Period differ depending on your investment amount. "WeTradeBinary4u" consists of 3 different time periods : 


- 7 Days (R600 to R2000)

- 6 Days (R3000 to R5000

- 3 Days (6000 to R8000)


You also have the option of getting results within hours when you choose to trade under Our Hourly Binary Options. This gives you a result within hours and payment is made to your local bank account on the same day. This option starts from R3500.

Do I need to withdraw manually or are payments automated?

All payments are automated. Meaning, you are NOT required to go through the lengthy process of logging into a dashboard, uploading your details, requesting your funds and having to wait another 48 Hours. 


Duplex100 records registration form entries and stores them on a cloud-based server. A unique reference number is linked to each entry for identification purposes. This unique reference number is assigned to you as your identification number for the duration of your relationship with Duplex100. It is very important to ensure that you reference correctly and reassure that your Idenitification number is correct. If you have entered the wrong ID number, please contact 0800 as soon as possible.

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