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"WeTradeBinary4u" is the mainstream service offered at Duplex100. "WeTradeBinary4u" is a easy-to-use money making tool for all Africans to take advantage of. Duplex100 consists of a team of experts who trade hourly to weekly binary options - generating above 150% profit on each calculated trade. Duplex100 compiles and utilizes the best signals to trade for its clients needs and for the growth of those who engineer it. The availability of funds to trade is directly proportional to potential profit. We run a program that mutually benefits our Clients & the Engineers behind Duplex100.  

We currently have a 97.8% success rate, with minor losses incurred when new trainees are trained to become a part of our winning team. By utilizing our high tech skills and experience, we have identified gaps/loopholes in the market to keep us in the green. Our continuous or almost repetitive trading patterns always result in a positive financial outcome. We are to-date, amongst the Top 10 Brokers in the market.




Are you fit enough to become a part of the winning team? Take a Duplex100 course/test to determine whether you have the skills and knowledge to become a Duplex100 Executive/Representative.


Do you have a healthy risk appetite? Take on hourly binary trades and get results within hours. Hourly Binary trades start from R3,500 and can earn you up to 200% profit directly into your bank account - within 2 hours.


Don't be that friend who doesn't want to see others do great. Introduce a friend to Duplex100 and earn a recruitment bonus of up to R700 when they enroll in any of our programs. Duplex100 is open to all Africans.



Anyone with a balance of R600 in their bank account can start making extra income using Duplex100. We trade for you any amount from R600 to R150,000 per individual. 

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We guarantee profit on your input. We assure every client that - if ever a loss is incurred, they will not lose more than 3% of their financial input (worst case scenario).


You can reach new heights in trading by utilizing our daily trading signals. Skip time-consuming financial news & lengthy market surveys by relying on our signals to lead you to the top.

About Duplex100

Strategic Binary Traders since 2017

Duplex100 is open to all Africans who have a reliable medium to exchange money timeously. Duplex100 accepts EFTs, Cash Deposits and BTC Transfers. We do not offer Bitcoin Investments, we simply accept BTC as a form of deposit. BTC transfers may cause a delay of 1 - 2 days depending on your BTC Wallet Service Provider. Duplex100 has a 97.8% success rate in Binary trading and we confirm that if ever a trade goes bad, our losses will never exceed 3%. This means we guarantee you a profit and we assure you that 97% of your financial input is safe and secured. Our team of experts know the ins and outs of binary trading. Out of concern and care, we advise clients to trade money they can afford to lose - this means that we advise you to trade spare funds and not emergency/last funds.

Duplex100 makes special arrangements for those who would like to try out hourly binary trades (which are what keep our platform moving). The Engineers of Duplex100 trade hourly binary trades everyday for personal gain and for the platform to generate enough money to live up to it's promise. Binary Options give traders a 50/50 chance of winning or losing. If your hourly binary trade goes well, you will get paid by Duplex100 within 2 Hours. If your trade goes bad, you lose out completely. In this case, the worst case scenario mentioned above (3% max loss) is not applicable. This option can either earn you 200% profit or a total loss. Duplex100 has a 70% success rate on Hourly Binary Trades.

"WeTradeBinary4u" is a more secure service designed for those who are not into risk & reward programs. This investment service starts from R600 to R8000, with a turnaround/waiting period of up to 7 days. The profit margin & periods on these investment vary from amount to amount but are 97% safe & secured. This means clients are given a 97% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in the case of a loss. Duplex100 combines the funds invested by clients to generate as much profit as possible from trading hourly, while promising clients a higher return for their financial input, over a longer period of time. This gives the engineers sufficient time to "gamble" or "play" in the market until they have generated more income than what they promised. In this case, clients are viewed as "Lenders". More Money Input  = More Money Output.

Our Trading Platforms

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Words Of Encouragement

 “When investing, greed can be your worst enemy.”

Robert Rolih



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